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10 Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

10 Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

Job interviews can be stressful, but they’re an important part of the hiring process. In fact, CC’ing your hiring interview is one of the best ways to secure your new job. A good job interview shows that you’re a capable and confident candidate. Having a great interview isn’t just about doing the right things, it’s also about avoiding these 10 common interview mistakes. 

Why is a job Interview  Important?

Job interviews are an opportunity for hiring managers to learn and assess you as a candidate. They ask you questions to learn more about you and get a better overall understanding of you. So, it’s very important to give your interviewer the right impression during your interviews. 

The 10 Worst Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

Interview Mistake#1 Going without preparation

The better you prepare for your interview, the more successful it’ll be. So, one of the biggest interview mistakes is to not prepare at all. You should no never show up to a job interview knowing nothing about the company, the job, or your interviewer.

Instead, do your research about both the company and job you’re applying for. Learn about the company’s history, their product offerings, and about their industry.

Interview Mistake #2 Arriving late 

First impressions always count, so never get late for a job interview. Not showing up on time for your interview shows you’re not serious about the job. Nor to mention, your interviewer won’t appreciate waiting!

So, plan your commute a day in advance, clear your schedule, and leave early for the interview. Ideally, you should arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of time.

Interview Mistake #3 Dressing Inappropriately 

While dressing semi-casual at work is becoming trendier, you should still dress formally for the interview. Dressing casually at  a job interview implies that you don’t take the interview seriously. 

Instead, wear business-appropriate formal attire to show you’re putting in the effort. You don’t need to rent the fanciest suit, but you should look appropriate for a corporate environment. 

Interview Mistake #4 Using Your Phone During the Interview

Phone use during an interview is considered extremely rude and unprofessional. Looking at your phone during a job interview means that you don’t prioritize the interview. Your interviewer might even take it as insulting. 

So, don’t attend to your phone during an interview no matter who calls or texts you. Instead, switch your phone off or turn it on silent mode during your interview and keep it in your pocket. Ideally, you shouldn’t interact at all with your phone during the interview. 

Interview Mistake #5 Showing Low Energy

Most recruiters value energy and passion from their employees, so make sure you come off as an enthusiastic and energetic person. An unenergetic person is likely to be less productive, so interviewers are keen on finding energetic and passionate people. 

To show you’re an energetic person, have good posture, maintain good eye contact, and give your interviewer appropriate attention. Make sure you properly sleep the night before your interview and do some power poses before leaving for your interview.

Interview Mistake #6 Speaking Negatively about Past Employers

Don’t say anything negative about your past employer no matter how bad your experience may have been. When you badmouth your previous employer, it shows the interviewer that you could also badmouth them. 

No company wants to hire someone that could possibly badmouth them, so never say anything negative about your previous employer. Talk maturely and neutrally about previous employers. 

Interview Mistake #7 Lying on Your CV

Your interviewer is likely to ask about specific items in your CV, so don’t lie about anything. Most recruiters are trained on how to spot dishonest candidates, and most companies won’t hire potentially dishonest candidates. 

To have the best job interview, make sure your CV is 100% honest and accurate. Your skills and experiences should be updated, and the CV should accurately reflect your overall profile. 

Interview Mistake#8 Having Bad Body Language 

Sometimes your body language says more than your words. With the right body language, you’ll come across as a confident, reliable, and passionate candidate that the company would be lucky to have. 

Conversely, bad body language could make you look low-energy, disinterested, and unreliable. You don’t want to give this impression, so pay special attention to your body language.

Specifically, watch your posture, don’t fidget, and keep your palms open to look confident. 

Interview Mistake #9 Being Too Friendly 

A bit of friendliness can be good in a job interview, but too much comes across as unprofessional. So, make sure you act respectfully and professionally in your job interview. 

Avoid being too casual and keep the conversation focused on the job. Don’t make jobs, ask personal questions, or give any irrelevant personal information about yourself either.

Interview Mistake #10 Discussing the Salary Too Early 

Discussing your salary at the start of your interview is unflattering to your interviewer. Talking about what the company can do for you before discussing what you could do for them shows a lack of care for the company. It also shows that you’re motivated by money rather than being genuinely interested in the job. 

Instead, discuss your salary later in the interview after you’ve already established your value to the company. You want to establish your possible contributions to the company first because it shows you’re work-oriented, not reward-oriented. 

Knowing what not to do can sometimes be just as useful as knowing what you should do. For job interviews, you just need to give the right impression as a reliable candidate who’s done his research and puts the company’s needs first.

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