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6 Ways to Be More Productive

6 Ways to Be a More Productive Person



You don’t need to be superman to be a more productive person. In fact, all you need to live a more productive life is to just be yourself. The only barrier from being more productive is that you aren’t being the best version of you.

That can be changed.

Try these steps to get the most out of your day and go to bed at night feeling fulfilled.


1. Cut back on your to-do list

Sounds counter-productive, right?

If the goal is to achieve more in a day, why do we recommend cutting back?

First, notice that we use the term ‘achieve’ instead of ‘do.’ Most times,  we overwhelm our to-do list with more tasks than can realistically fit in one day. We consider everything as urgent, and just want to get them completed fast. In turn, the list becomes exhaustive and will burn you out. Instead, space tasks out over a comfortable and realistic time frame to allow you to attend to each with maximum efficiency.

2. Know your peak times

Everyone has a peak time during the day in which they are most focused and productive. Some people like to get up early and get going. Others will be too groggy in the morning to do things and find themselves working at maximum output at mid-day. If you already have an established routine, chances are you already know when you are most energetic and alert. Thus, plan your activities around your peak time.

3. Nothing is perfect

There is a saying that if you only wait for all the traffic lights to turn green for a mile before starting a journey, you might not start at all. Instead of waiting for the perfect conditions, start working and address any unforeseen conditions along the way.


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4 Clock social media

Social media is one of the marvels of this century but it is also one of the biggest time drainers.

Don’t be mistaken – social media has a number of advantages. Unfortunately, it inhibits productivity when your time is spent on a social media site rather than on your daily tasks. Instead, during the day, take a vacation from social media until the evenings, or during established leisure times.


5 Don’t multi-task

Even Siri only answers to one task at a time!

Humans have already been proven to be poor multi-taskers. When we are continuously switching tasks, we are not truly focused on any one task.  Rather, valuable time is wasted each time your attention is redirected to a new task. It may not seem significant at the moment, but the seconds and minutes add up. It is better to focus on one task and complete it before moving on to the next.

6 Know your time demons

In #4, we discussed how productive time can be wasted exploring social media. What are some other time demons that steal your time?  Make a list of your time demons. Next, write down what actions you need to do to keep them from stealing your time in the future.

Creating a list imprints the realization on your mind that there are indeed, time thieves against you. Afterward, you can start devising means to jail them all.

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