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Ace Your Phone Interview With These 6 Tips

Ace Your Phone Interview With These 6 Tips

Here are a few tips to help you ace your phone interview.


1 Prepare for an Actual Interview

The fact that the interviewer cannot see you in person does not mean you should prepare less for this interview. Like you would do if it was a physical exercise, get up early enough before your scheduled time and prepare ahead for the interview.

This is not the time to let all of the training you have had with interviews go out the window. If anything, this is the time when you need those skills the most.

While interviews are largely a physical game, you could change things to mental by dressing up to fit the part too. I know that sounds a little over the board, but it would surely help keep you contained, organized and professional throughout the interview.


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2 Focus! Focus!! Focus!!!

This is a crucial point in your career and you want to give it all you have. Distance yourself from anything and everything that might distract you. If possible, create a makeshift business environment for yourself in the house for that purpose only.

If you’ve got kids, you could let them go play with the neighbors. Let the dogs wander outside for a little while. Got company? Let them know you will need a little privacy.

If there is anything –  anything at all – that would take your mind off the interview for even one second, do away with it before the phone rings.


3 Do Your Research

Chances are you’ve submitted applications to more than one position in different companies. Thus, it would be in your best interest to do a little bit of research on the company that you are interviewing for before commencing your session.

Know what they do, get the core values of such companies and tailor your answers to these, as seen fit.

If you’ve got an idea who your interviewer is going to be, doing a little digging on them would not hurt anybody. That helps you relate to them better both on a personal and professional level.


4 Listen More, Talk Less

How would you feel if you were hosting an event and someone hogged the microphone for the majority of the time? Bad, right? Well, that is the same way you would make your interviewer feel if you turn the whole thing into a monologue. Answer your questions accordingly, but don’t let that spur you into ramblings. Make brief, intelligent answers, while allowing them to dictate the flow, turn and style of the conversation.

As a, plus, listening more would help you in organizing your thoughts before the next question. Also, it gives you just the time and space to…


5 Prepare your Questions

The way to ace your phone interview is not giving top-notch answers to the questions you have been asked. A lot of times, interviewers would be more impressed with the candidates that have intelligent questions of their own to ask.

It shows that you have not just come with a ‘template mentality’ like a sea of others. The sheer fact that you are interested enough to have such questions would show your willingness and drive to work towards the goals of such a company.


6 Ease Up

While your interviewer could be the one link between you and that next job, he/she is also a person like you. Don’t make everything tense and all about the work.

When you find a chance to crack a decent joke, ask about the interviewer themselves or relate to them, go for it. Don’t go overboard though. I don’t need to remind you that this would be seen as being unprofessional.

Your research comes in handy here. Found out your interviewer also loves Game of Thrones? Ask them who they think would die in the next season!

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