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After securing a seven-figure seed round investment, a startup specializing in logistics and supply chain was seeking new candidates for their software development team. While they had previously utilized other recruitment agencies, the cost of traditional placement fees was too high for their internal growth plans. In order to scale their business effectively, they looked for assistance and found a partnership in Jump Recruits.

The company founders learned about Jump Recruits through a tech founder’s network group and were interested in our recruitment-as-a-service (RaaS) model to optimize their recruitment spend and prioritize investment in their product and software development.

Due to being two years old and employing only seven people, the co-founders were heavily involved in programming and required experienced team members with expertise in a specific development stack to drive business growth as they transitioned into a more strategic phase. Moreover, they recognized the need to diversify their team beyond who they could find in their immediate network: folks who shared similar backgrounds and perspectives. Leadership was committed to building a more diverse company, and a more inclusive culture, and they needed a partner to do so.


In order to accommodate the extensive hiring requirements of our client, Jump Recruits opted for two job profile slots which would enable our team to simultaneously focus on recruiting two distinct types of software developers – level 1 and level 2. While we handled the same stack, their seniority impacted their level of ownership of the code they produced.

Jump’s team swiftly initiated the recruitment process by collaborating with the co-founder and CTO of the organization to gain a comprehensive understanding of their talent needs and the desired company culture. The team conducted a thorough analysis of their product, development stack, client base, existing culture, and previous recruitment methods.

Once Jump’s lead Talent Advisor had gained a complete understanding of our client’s unique hiring needs, our team of talent sourcers and advisors began calibrating talent profiles in the market to identify suitable candidates who could be replicated in the sourcing process. As the company was expanding rapidly and had ambitious recruitment targets to meet, they required a scalable, efficient, and cost-effective recruitment solution that avoided placement fees.


Having identified hundreds of potential candidates, Jump Recruits proceeded to conduct initial phone and video interviews to pre-qualify candidates based on their development stack, work experience, and salary expectations. Once these candidates had been shortlisted, profiles were submitted to the co-founder for review and further interviews by the broader client team on a monthly or rolling basis.

Following the first year of the engagement, the client saw significant improvements in hiring metrics, including a more diverse representation on their team and substantial cost savings. In fact, our review with the co-founder revealed that they had saved 74% of their recruitment budget by utilizing Jump Recruits’ Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model, as opposed to the other recruitment agencies they had previously worked with that charged a 30% placement fee for all hires. This success led to a renewed contract with an additional job profile slot, as the company secured an additional $23M in funding during our engagement and required the recruitment of more than 40 additional employees.

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