The 2021 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference


This event serves as a platform for exceptional practitioners to share their work and further discuss race, social justice, neurodiversity, women's health, disability, allyship, and others. The Conference Board, its partners, and the leaders who shared their stories can all justifiably be proud of contributing to creating more inclusive workplaces across North America. We invite you to join us on the essential journey to create workplaces committed to inclusion, equity, and belonging as we build on the momentum of this great event and design an all-new agenda for May. DEI professionals' work is never-ending, and we join with the community to create an event that addresses their most current challenges and celebrate their achievements. Here are some of the topics currently under consideration: IntersectionalityBuilding the Foundation for Success: How to Get Started and Build Momentum in your DEI FunctionMicroaggressionsWhat Does it Mean to be an AllyHow Employers Can Effectively Engage with Social Justice IssuesCreating a Psychologically Safe WorkplaceSelf Care for DEI ProfessionalsHow to Effectively Implement Anti-Racism TrainingDEI and AnalyticsMaintaining MomentumRestorative Justice – What Role can this play in your DEI initiative?Recognizing and Addressing PrivilegeCommunicating Across the Partisan Divide Go to for more details on registration.