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A global nonprofit investment fund was looking to grow their portfolio management division. After some members of the team left the organization, said business unit was stretched thin and needed support in a very competitive geographic market, compounded by the skills required being sought after aggressively by for-profit organizations.

The team engaged with Jump Recruits through a referral from their executive search partner. Said partner knew of the value that Jump Recruits could bring to the middle management level of the organization as well as a pricing structure that made more business sense overall.

The goal for this client was to strengthen the portfolio management team, which focuses on evaluating and qualifying individual investment opportunities and ultimately making a decision on whether or not to invest. The overall organization was already focused on diversity, and was already ahead of industry standards in that regard. Regardless, settling was not an option and they were determined on enhancing the diversity of this team.


The client team and Jump Recruits acknowledged the challenges ahead and set up a focused strategy to tackle them: constant touchpoints, open communication, and honest discussions on how to make this work. 

Jump Recruits and the team had ongoing conversations around how to move pieces in the recruitment process to make it more palatable, figuring out how to pitch to candidates and what would be the biggest selling points for someone coming into this organization, and what defined a successful person in this position.

Once this was settled, the team began looking for portfolio associates with varying levels of seniority in venture capital or smaller investment organizations that were looking for work that provided more meaning and fulfillment than investing for more traditional firms.


As Jump Recruits interviewed and presented candidates on a steady flow, our team was able to act as advisors in the process and help the team reconsider candidates that the client may have originally passed on. This eventually led to our first hire for this team. From there, our team transitioned to focusing on a role of higher seniority, and while this raised the difficulty of filling the role, Jump Recruits was nonetheless able to successfully fill it with an exceptional candidate.

Jump Recruits was able to secure two hires for the portfolio management team, and found candidates of such high caliber that the client considered expanding the budget to bring an additional headcount on. All three candidates that made it to the final stages of the process, including the two that were hired, were diverse, and Jump Recruits was able to present diverse candidates on all of the slates submitted to the team.

This then parlayed into an ongoing partnership that has seen Jump Recruits work with various other business units within the company, including marketing, development, partnerships, and finance.

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