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6 Things to Bring for a Job Interview

Now that you have been called for that interview, we say congratulations. That means according to what has been seen on paper, you are one of those qualified for the job. We equally believe that success in anything is proportional to the amount of preparation that has been put into it. While you might be preparing for the questions that would be asked of you during the interview, here is a small list of things to bring for a job interview.


1 Copies of your Resume

The resume you sent in was what landed you the interview in the first place, so it is easy to go complacent and forget it. After all, the recruiter has a copy already, right? Wrong!

You might get to the room and have to refer to your resume. You might get there before the interviewers and find out only one of them has it, and that is when you will be expected to hand out copies to the others.

A lot of things can happen. Merely print multiple copies and take them with you


2 Pen and Jotter

When the interviewer starts making some critical notes or requires you to drop some details, you should not be found wanting of a pen. Likewise, when some of the core details of the job are being listed out, you will want to take notes.

Nothing tells the employer you’ve thought ahead and are prepared for anything than doing these two.


3 Identification

Most companies will have a security protocol in place so you should be prepared to show your ID before you go in. Failure to bring that along with you could result in a delayed entry or worse, no entry at all.


4 Contact Names

In all the excitement, it is not embarrassing to forget names of essential contacts and facilitators at the interview. What is embarrassing is having forgotten to write those names down.

To guard against such, write down the name of the recruiter, interviewer, and other relevant contacts to the job interview.


5 References

Your interviewer will want to call your references when the interview is done, and we want you to make that easy for them. Bring a printed list of all your recommendations and present to the interviewer after the interview.

Make sure the list contains not just the names but email addresses and telephone numbers of the references, where applicable.

You will want to inform those on the list that you have put down their names too. You don’t want them sounding all surprised when the interviewer calls.


6 Questions

Most often than not, you will get the chance to ask the interviewer some questions at the end of the day. Use this to your advantage, not only impressing the interviewer with well-thought-out questions that are related to the position and company but using this opportunity to decide if the job is a good fit for you.

This is not the time to ask about the pay, vacations and other benefits. Use it better.


Many of the things on this list might look like a no-brainer, but people still forget one or more of these often. This is our list of things to bring for a job interview. If you’ve got any other essential item that didn’t make this list, let us know about it.

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