Tips for Increasing Your Self-Awareness


The bane of a good leader should be their self-awareness.  Some think its integrity and others will argue that it’s the leader’s communication skills.  Without self-awareness though, all of these won’t come together to make a good combination.  Whether you have it already or looking to hone in on it, the good news is that you can increase your self-awareness in simple steps.

In this post, we will be exploring the practical methods that will help you increase in self-awareness as a leader in your career.

1. Write down your plans

Being self-aware is a function of knowing your plans.  The best way to do that is by writing these plans down.  That way, you can always know where you are in your career and track your progress accordingly.  If in doubt, note that this is one of the things that makes Warren Buffet a great investor and leader in his own field.

2. Stay focused

Leaders who are not focused on the plan at hand or the plan they have for themselves would be less self-aware than those who are.  Staying focused is especially important when making connections as that is almost impossible with a distracted mind.

3. Develop self-discipline

One of the things that makes leaders effective is how much self-discipline they have developed in the workplace.  What you don’t know is that self-discipline is more than what you keep in the workplace only.  Try developing your self-discipline practice beyond the professional setting.  That way, you can always be in character and very much self-aware.

4. Know your triggers

No matter how steely you are as a leader, there will still be some things that make you tick.  It would be in your best interests to know what these are, acknowledge and work with them.  Instead of trying to suppress the emotions, work and bend with them instead. 

5. Get regular feedback

It is so easy to see things in another light when you are looking through your own eyes.  Instead, opt for an honest friend that can track your progress as you walk up the self-awareness ladder.  It is advisable that this person be someone who understands your professional journey, knows what you are gunning towards and can provide effective advice while on the way to your destination