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7 Best Tips For Succeeding At Your Virtual Interview

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The coronavirus pandemic has led to the layoff of a large member of staff across the United States – and some companies are still laying off as the economy is choking them daily.

Professionals are equally looking for new opportunities. Some have been searching before the pandemic hit at all. 

Due to the lockdown measures, there is little to no chance of having an in-person interview right now. Fortunately, virtual interviews are here to make things seamless.

Before you go for the next one, here are some things you should do for a better guarantee of success.

Tip #1 – Prepare your Tech

A series of technology go into every virtual interview. The good news is that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to figure this part out.

You should look out for:

Tip #2 – Do Your Homework

The fact that this interview is over the air does not mean that you can slack on the research part of the whole interview business.

Do your homework on the company to know the gaps that they are currently facing. Research the areas of lapses they are suffering which your skills can help them to fix. During the interview, that will help you to sell yourself subtly before you are asked the ultimate question seeking what you bring to the table.

Your homework does not have to be on the company alone, though. You also have to do some soul-searching and internal digging on yourself.

Where there are gaps on your resume, have a bulletproof response waiting for when a question comes in that regards. Reflect on all the roles you have held and how they have helped shape you into the professional that you are today. Don’t forget to make a mental list of everything impressive you did while holding those roles also.

Hack: You can write down some pointers on sticker notes and place them on your screen during the interview. Only you can see these, and they allow you to keep track of the important things you want to talk about.

Tip #3 – Eliminate Distractions

A lot of things could cause distractions while at home.

If you have a roommate, they could walk into view of the virtual call (for video interviews) at any time. The TV could be on, or you could leave your home theatre set connected. For those who have kids, distractions could also mean a kid interrupting your call.

No matter what form the distraction will come in, it is your job to anticipate and eliminate them all.

An almost foolproof plan is to choose a secluded room in the home to have your interview in. If you live with people, inform them beforehand that you are not to be disturbed around such times.

Your phones and other devices should also be turned off, or put on silent. We don’t want a call/ notification getting in the way.

Tip #4 – Dressing the Part

Dressing the part will help put you in a professional mindset, letting you enjoy your time even better.

If you have ever played dress-up (maybe during Halloween), you would agree with us that putting on a costume makes you feel like someone else.

That is the same reason why you should always dress the part when going for virtual interviews.

Should you be going for a physical interview, you would surely be decked out in professional attire. Even if the interview would take no more than 30 minutes, that’s no excuse to make concessions.

Dressing the part will help put you in a professional mindset, letting you enjoy your time even better.

Tip #5 – Be Natural

Let’s face it:

You are a professional. You know your stuff. Any employer will be glad to have you within their ranks.

Now that we know all that, you don’t have to stress it. Be your natural, best, and professional self and you will shine bright to your interviewers.

The fact that you are not in the same physical room with them could get you nervous or all excited. That is not uncommon, but keep it under wraps. During the interview, try to get as comfortable as possible.

Tip #6 – Conversation Tips

Never talk over the interviewer. Always let them finish what they are saying before you speak at all.

Likewise, never listen to reply. Always listen to listen, if that makes sense. That way, you do not miss the subtle cues that help you shape your responses well, neither do you answer wrongly.

Keep your conversation as professional as possible too. In most cases, we recommend letting the interviewer set the pace. Be it witty, strict, humorous, or any other, pick up the trail that the interviewer drops and work within its confines.

Tip #7 – Body Language

Researchers estimate that 97% of all the conversations we have with people is non-verbal. In other words, your listener is much more inclined to notice your body language and draw more inference from that.

Thing is, virtual interviews are not left out here either.

Smile more. Sit up straight in your chair and never slouch into a less professional position. Ensure the camera is at eye level so that you don’t have to look up or down too much.

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