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Why Should We Hire You? – Giving the Best Answer

Why Should We Hire You? – Giving the Best Answer

So, why should we hire you?

That is one of the questions people at an interview dread the most. You only have one shot at the answer, so a lot of thoughts start to swarm around your head.

Is this where you reiterate the years of experience you have? Is this the point where your additional skills come to the forefront? Should you play up your skills or how relevant your qualifications are to the employer? What would the other candidates have said, and how can you make yours better?


Answering the Question

1 Understand the Question

When the question leaves the lips of the interviewer, what your ears pick up is “Why should we hire you?” or any of the variants in which the interviewer might have thought to ask. Instead of focusing on that, let your brain focus on what the question means.

Every interviewer wants to bring someone on board for the company, not because they feel the need to take someone else into the workforce. But because they want you to fill a need. That could be to solve a problem, increase their base, improve the brand, etc. Therefore, the question effectively becomes “What can you do for us?”


2 Understand the Company

For you to solve any problems at all, you must have taken time to understand the company. This is something you should have done before you even step into the premises on the interview day at all.

Look at the company’s profile, what they do, and how your experience will help fit into that position you’re interviewing for. Of course, remember to always put the good of the company first, not yours.


3 Understand Yourself

There is no doubt that your resume contains all of the beautiful things every recruiter wants to see. Afterall, isn’t that how you landed the interview? However, it remains to you to know what areas of your resume best suits the job.

Take time to go over your resume, past experiences, skills, and certifications that make you a perfect fit for that job. With what you have seen, you should now develop a sales pitch.


4 The Sales Pitch

Make it short and concise. No one has all day to listen to you, but they still want to hear what makes you unique. For every skill and experience, you will mention in your sales pitch, make sure you can link it to the job being applied for.

Don’t go applying as an analyst then listing your multiple hours of babysitting. That won’t cut it. Stay focused, stay on track, and remain fierce with your speech.


Possible Answers

These answers are not in any way the only perfect ones, but an excellent template to consider when fashioning your responses based on your skillset. Here goes.

i “I believe that my expertise with data analysis will help me keep better track of your numbers, and optimise them based on available resources.”

ii “According to the job listing, you have called for a project manager who is capable of handling a team of 5.

In my ten years of experience as a project manager, I have been able to effectively manage teams of more than ten individuals of varying skill levels on many occasions and getting the job done above the intended target.

In that time, too, I have honed my interpersonal, team building and management skills, helping me to turn virtually any kind of team into a productive one. If hired, I will bring all of these experiences on board to drive your project team to newer heights.”

iii “My administrative skills are top-notch, having worked in such an environment for the past 15 years. Coupled with the experience gained from being a part of multiple industries, I believe am the right candidate in regards to what you are looking for.”

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