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Getting Off to a Great Start After College

4 Important Pointers To Help You Get a Job After College | JUMP!

The day a lot of students finally get out of college is one of the biggest days of their lives, as it should be. This is the day when an end is put to the endless professors with endless notes, the compulsory exercises, grading system and so much more. It is also the beginning of a new chapter in life.

Being a recent college graduate, it is understandable if this new phase is challenging and overwhelming, but it is not supposed to be so. You could even get off to a great start in your career and get a job after college. Here are some of the ways to get there.

1 Be Prepared

Before you begin looking for jobs, make sure you have dotted all your I’s and crossed all your t’s. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, create one. If you’ve got one, update it. For those that have developed a website, make sure you keep it up to date.

Edit your resume and make sure it is updated with the most recent information. If you are writing a cover letter, don’t forget to be as concise as possible, highlighting and showing your skills and strengths. Last, but not the least, get recommendations.

2 Do your research

A lot of applicants would submit a generic application, get called for the interviews and not know anything about the company itself. While this is a total turn off for the interviewer, it makes the experience discouraging and overwhelming for you too.

Make sure you get all the information you can about the company. If possible, research on the line of the likely things they might need to know from you. Remember, you get one shot to make a great first impression.

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3 Start Early

A lot of seniors make the mistake of leaving school before they start to apply for their dream jobs. Two words: Wrong Move.

To get a job after college, you are advised to begin submitting your applications as soon as the last semester’s end is approaching. If you were not aware, a lot of recruitment processes can take up to two months to commence. Don’t wait until the day you graduate. Plan and start early.

4 Network

Jobs don’t create themselves, and not all vacant positions are listed. That is why it is important to network with people.

If it is still too far out to apply, or even after your application has been submitted, try to get out and attend as many events as possible. Especially those events where employers in your sought-after field and industry might be.

You can go to seminars, workshops, conference and even job fairs. Talk to people, establish relationships and develop strong networks. Chances are you might not even need to submit a resume before you secure your first job after college.

Getting that first job is always a big boost to the morale of the new graduate, and often, it determines your career for the next few years. From experience, those who prepared are usually the ones that get the best job opportunities.

Again, don’t wait to start looking for jobs. Now is a perfect time.

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