How do you Determine if a Job is a Good Fit for You?

How do you Determine if a Job is a Good Fit for You?

One thing you need to understand during the course of a job search is that excelling in a new position is tied to how well you fit the role. Not only on how well your resume meets the job description, but also other personal factors. 

What Do You Want?

The first thing we will advise that you do when determining whether or not the new position is a great fit for you is to identify what you are looking for.

It is normal for employees to have the same general expectation from their jobs. However, there would be those needs that strike a more personal cord. Some of the things you will be considering are, but not limited to:

    • Salary – Yes! You have been asked to work in line with your passion. But, of what use is a passion that is neither rewarding nor keeping your head afloat (at least) at the end of the day. Check the salary plan for the new job offer to make sure you are comfortable earning in that range.
    • Job Description – It is not uncommon for people to leave their job because they did not feel challenged. Even if they were satisfied with the pay, the fact that the position had become routine was enough to consider other options. That is why we advise professionals to pay close attention to the job description. When in doubt, contact the hiring manager. 
    • Your Work Environment – Different management approaches work for different individuals. You could excel under the democratic leadership approach while another employee will prefer the top-down leadership model. Pick your style and work towards finding something in line with that
    • Location – How far is the job offer from your present place of stay? To rephrase that, how far are you willing to move for the sake of a job? If very far, are you willing to take on the stress of commuting to and fro daily? How flexible are your hours?
    • Job security – We consider it to be good thinking when people turn down positions with minimal job security, no matter the staggering offer that could be made. You don’t want to work in a position where you’ll be in constant fear of waking up to a pink slip, would you?
  • Prestige – Your social standing is something that should also be taken into consideration when looking for jobs. Would you be proud telling people where you worked and what you did there? If you won’t, the odds of you feeling at ease with such a job are already very slim.

When job offers come your way, above are some of the items you should cross off the list. Don’t be scared of saying no, but with a thank you feel attached to it.

For what it’s worth, know that it is way easier to say no to a job offer than leave after you’ve started.