Increase your pipeline of qualified and diverse talent

  • Dedicated Sourcer
  • Pipeline Talent Sourcing
  • Passive Talent Sourcing
  • Set Amount of Job Profiles
  • Free Access to Talent Hub (90 days)
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Full-Desk Recruitment without the placement fees

  • Dedicated Sourcers & Talent Advisor
  • Perform Initial Fit Assessment
  • Access to Talent Relationship Portal
  • Free Access to Talent Hub (90 days)
  • Feedback Sessions with Hiring Team
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White Glove Recruitment Experience

  • Dedicated Sourcers & Talent Advisor
  • Perform Initial Fit Assessment
  • Access to Talent Relationship Portal
  • Feedback Sessions with Hiring Team
  • Provide Market Insights
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What is Recruitment as a Service (R.a.a.S)?

Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) is a monthly recurring engagement that has a flat payment structure over a set amount of time without additional fees. This service is best for companies that have either a small internal recruitment team or no one at all, but still need to fill multiple roles in a cost-effective manner.

What's included in the "Pipeline" solution?

Our "Pipeline" solution provides a set number of Job Profile Slots to use over 3, 6 or 12 months. This option is for companies looking to increase their pipeline of qualified and engaged talent so that their in-house recruitment team can eliminate sourcing from their plate and focus more on selecting the best talent for hiring managers to speak to.

What's included in the Engage solution?

Our "Engage" solution provides a set number of Job Profile Slots to use over 3,6 or 12 months. The package includes a dedicated Talent Advisor and Sourcer who will provide thoroughly vetted candidates and job market insights, as well as ensure a smooth candidate experience. Once a requisition is filled or closed, you can swap the Job Profile Slot for a new requisition at no extra cost.

How does JUMP view Retained Search?

This is our white-glove recruitment service for leadership hires, built to create a top notch experience for top level talent as they go through your hiring process, as well as providing you with the next trailblazer of your companies' future.

How can venture capital (VC) or private equity (PE) firms engage with Jump Recruits?

We have developed an adaptation of our Pipeline and Engage plans, specifically for VC/PE firms that allows for an investment group to leverage their slots across their portfolio to bring in a quality slate of diverse talent for any company under their portfolio under a single contract. This is tailored to each company depending on their reach and need, so we'd encourage you to contact sales to learn more on how we can assist you all.

What is a Job Profile Slot?

A Job Profile Slot is a dedicated slot that can be used for any open requisition below the senior leader level. It can be used to hire one or multiple candidates under the same job description, example: hiring a software developer for one role and later hiring three product designers with the same profile would still be considered as one Job Profile Slot, at no extra cost.

What if I need to hire multiple people?

If you need to hire multiple people under a similar job description it will count as one job profile slot. For example, hiring 6 Java developers at the same level is one slot. Hiring two separate roles, like a data engineer and a sales manager at the same time, would require two (2) job profile slots.

I have multiple leadership hires coming in the next year, how can Jump help?

Our team is great at customizing packages to meet the specific needs of your business. If you're in need of multiple hire, there are ways to leverage an Engage-Retained hybrid where we pipeline leadership talent on a consistent basis so that when you are ready to hire, you have candidates already in the funnel ready to have discussions about opportunities.

Are these the only services that Jump offers?

In addition to recruitment, our Advisory Team can assist your organization with talent acquisition audits, recruiter education/training, diversity recruitment strategy development and much more.

Does Jump only hire Black and Brown candidates?

While we will always prioritize strategies to engage Black and Brown talent first, we are not limited to that. We recognize that diversity is a wide prism and we look to be all inclusive in our searches.