Latest Past Events

Global Diversity and Inclusion Summit


To support the vision of business education as a force for good, accredited schools are expected to illustrate how they foster and promote curriculum and curricular activities to make positive societal impact. History teaches us that diversity and inclusion initiatives are at risk of neglect during crisis, and many organizations will prioritize perceived urgent measures at the expense of inclusion. Despite the crisis, business schools must commit to initiatives and take responsibility, requiring inclusive practices that support the student body, the faculty, the administration, and the school's fundamentals. This event will offer a network of support and practical tools for professionals seeking data, best practices, and insights to move initiatives forward and convince others of the rationale for change. Please check website for pricing details

The 2020 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference


The confluence of events of 2020 has forever changed our lives: beginning with COVID-19, the ensuing economic crisis, civil unrest, and seismic protests driving a sea of change. As the world’s leading independent think tank devoted to serving business and society for more than 100 years, The Conference Board presents its flagship Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference being held virtually November 12, 13 & 16. Our premier program is uniquely positioned to provide ways for leaders to help heal the wounds of the past, address the injustices of the present, and build a better future for all, together. By attending this exclusive event, you will get an in-depth look at: Behaviors Leaders Need to Create an Inclusive WorkplaceAddressing Power, Privilege and Equity in Your OrganizationRemoving Bias from Recruitment Featured Speakers Include: Corie Pauling, Senior Vice President, Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, TIAATariq Malik, Director, Employee Relations / Diversity Analytics, TargetNadine Augusta, Americas Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Goldman SachsOlga Yakimakho, Director, Leadership and Organizational Development, Special Olympics InternationalNamrata Yadav, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Inclusion Strategy, Bank of America DEI Overtime: At the conclusion of each day’s formal sessions you will be invited to join “DEI Overtime” an interactive....

2020 Annual Conference, Moments of Impact: Transforming Organizational Culture


Our Annual Conference is one of the DC area’s largest gatherings of prominent leaders from around the world committed to strategically addressing the critical issues around diversity and flexibility. Together, our speakers and attendees explore success strategies for improving retention of top talent and the most up-to-date action steps to create a truly inclusive work environment. Each year, our conference brings together corporate leaders, partners at professional services firms, general counsel,and diversity and inclusion and talent management professionals who share how they’ve implemented successful strategies in their organizations for retaining and promoting women and supporting work-life control for everyone. Our attendees gain valuable insights into the most effective strategies for results when time and resources are limited. They hear cross industry best practices from leading law and consulting firms and Fortune 500 corporations and build networks of senior level peers. Attendees also learn about cutting edge data and case studies that help build powerful business cases internally to advance diversity and flexibility within organizations. Each year during our Annual Conference, we present our Luminary Award to an outstanding global visionary, as well as our Flex Leader, Flex Impact and Flex Success Awards to individuals and organizations leading the way in flexible working. Our award honorees share....