Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference

Join us for a powerful and insightful conference featuring nationally renowned speakers, lectures and panel discussions designed to share experiences, research and emerging trends.

NSBE 47th Virtual Convention

Virtual Conference

We are just years away from reaching our goal of graduating 10,000 Black engineers annually by 2025. That means it’s time to take a holistic approach at developing the next generation of engineers and enhancing the NSBE experience for all. We are excited to introduce to you NSBE47: The Holistic Engineer –  hosted virtually to bring together a showcase of the best of our talent, treasures, and more.

BlackcomputeHER Conference

Virtual Conference

blackcomputeHER.org is dedicated to supporting computing+tech education and workforce development for Black women and girls. Our aim is to address the lack of inclusion in the discipline by providing access to opportunity, education & training, and executive thought leadership. Black women are a segment of the population that is one of the least represented in computing, and increasing their representation is further challenged by the lack of positive messages in media that celebrate their contributions to technology. In an effort to combat this lack of awareness, it is important to amplify the voice of a thriving community of black women in computing and technologists and inspire black girls to pursue their interests in computer science. Through our programming, we aim to honor and celebrate the technical and societal contributions of black women in computing to academia, industry, government, and non-profit sectors. By organizing conferences and workshops we provide services including education and professional development, connections with communities that support black women and girls, and share narratives that portray black women and girls as exciting, innovative, and multi-faceted.

17th Annual Diversity & Leadership Conference

Virtual Conference

You don’t want to miss the 17th Annual Diversity & Leadership Conference in 2021. Internationally-renowned speakers will bring their unique experiences integrating various diversity and inclusion topics that you can apply to your personal and professional life.  With thousands of attendees, our 2021 Conference is, without a doubt, the place to be for extraordinary networking opportunities. The conference attendees will include leaders and decision-makers from a variety of industries. There is no better place to connect and strengthen your professional network. With various sessions, workshops, and featured speakers that cover a wide range of topics, you’ll be able to curate your experience for optimal learning. From understanding how to be a better leader and creating a better workplace to embracing Multiculturalism and Diversity, there is something here for you.

HUE- A Tech Summit For Women of Color

Virtual Conference

The HUE Tech Summit is a premier conference for students, and career women. Designed to educate, elevate and empower women of color technologists and techpreneurs across the nation, HUE Tech Summit exists to create a space for women to learn and connect. Spearheaded by Jumoke Dada, founder of the Tech Women Network, HUE Tech Summit upholds the mantra “No More Hidden Figures.” With the Delaware Valley serving as home to major universities, hospitals, tech companies, engineering firms and more, diversity in tech is crucial. We strive to encourage women of color in STEM who work hard behind the scenes to make major contributions in their field, or break barriers in the tech industry, to come forth and be seen and heard. Now in its third year, the summit aims to help attendees learn how to break barriers and encourages them to thrive in their pursuits. With speakers who are accomplished women of color in tech our one-day women’s conference changes lives.

The 2021 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference


This event serves as a platform for exceptional practitioners to share their work and further discuss race, social justice, neurodiversity, women's health, disability, allyship, and others. The Conference Board, its partners, and the leaders who shared their stories can all justifiably be proud of contributing to creating more inclusive workplaces across North America. We invite you to join us on the essential journey to create workplaces committed to inclusion, equity, and belonging as we build on the momentum of this great event and design an all-new agenda for May. DEI professionals' work is never-ending, and we join with the community to create an event that addresses their most current challenges and celebrate their achievements. Here are some of the topics currently under consideration: IntersectionalityBuilding the Foundation for Success: How to Get Started and Build Momentum in your DEI FunctionMicroaggressionsWhat Does it Mean to be an AllyHow Employers Can Effectively Engage with Social Justice IssuesCreating a Psychologically Safe WorkplaceSelf Care for DEI ProfessionalsHow to Effectively Implement Anti-Racism TrainingDEI and AnalyticsMaintaining MomentumRestorative Justice – What Role can this play in your DEI initiative?Recognizing and Addressing PrivilegeCommunicating Across the Partisan Divide Go to conference-board.org for more details on registration.

Engaging Black Talent -Marvell’s Network Accelerator Event

Virtual Conference

Let’s Expand Our Networks & Connect! Representation Matters! There is much work to be done to improve representation in the tech industry and at Marvell, we are committed to doing the work and so much more! At Marvell, representation is more than just a nice-to-have, it is a requirement! So to kick off our intentional journey toward expanding our network, we are looking to engage with Black talent across the nation at our first Engaging Black Talent – Network Accelerator Event on September 8th& 9th. Marvell engineers, executives, and talent acquisition leaders will come together to network with you and explore what’s possible together! Design the Future with Marvell! This is a unique opportunity for you to connect with successful leaders across Marvell who are driving innovation in 5G, Automotive and Machine Learning! Let’s explore how you can join us on this journey. We are actively recruiting early in career talent with 0-4 years of experience and mid-level career talent with 5+ years of advanced experience and supervisory backgrounds. Learn more about this special event by visiting our event site directly. You can explore the agenda, speaker line-up and our hot jobs! Please register and we’ll see you there! Feel free to forward....

6th Annual National Latino Leadership Conference

ThemeThe Rise, Power, and Influence of Latino Leaders The Latino Leadership Conference is a premier leadership development event. This annual gathering of entrepreneurs, executives, innovators, educators, policy makers, and outstanding students is designed to foster change and opportunity within the Latino community. The purpose of the Council for Latino Workplace Equity is to seek inclusion and opportunity for Latino leaders to claim their place at the table with certainty and conviction. Under the umbrella of the National Diversity Council, we will leverage the incredible resources we have as a community to serve as the compass for our nation as we advance the next generation of Latino leaders in our great country.

2021 SHPE National Convention

Orlando, Florida

Join us under the theme of "The Most Magical Time," to celebrate the evolution of SHPE, the empowerment of its members, the community of Familia, and the magic of Hispanics in STEM! Mark your calendar for November 10-14! You won't want to miss out on the benefits of the SHPE National Convention - 100+ hours of cutting-edge content curated for Hispanics in STEM200+ world-class companies and universities recruiting1,000+ interviews and dream jobs offered10,000+ people to add to your networkInfinite impact on your life and career