Be the Best Intern Everyone Wants to Hire

african college student holding a book


There are countless articles on how to be a great intern, but how about how to be the best intern? If you want to stand out, consider these tips on how to be the best intern at your place of work. 


1. Be Prepared

In addition to learning all you can about the company, do the same for your internship. Typically, no hiring manager will give you an internship without providing you with a thorough job description.  If you have questions be sure to seek detailed answers. 


2. Demonstrate Personal Commitment

Demonstrate personal commitment by respecting the time you are at work. Stay focused on each task and during work hours, keep off social media (unless your role requires social media), silence your phone, and don’t use the company Wi-Fi for personal reasons.


3. Ask for Increased Responsibility

You can expect to start on entry-level tasks, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.  You can’t expect increased responsibility unless you ask. An internship is a great way to really get your feet wet and gain much-needed experienceIf you have a supervisor, you could ask for work that is more in line with the experience you are seeking. You could also discuss how you’d like to be more involved. That shows your zeal to contribute to the team.


4. Prove Yourself

You will not get more responsibility awarded to you if you are not able to prove yourself in the entry-level tasks. While the internship is temporary for you, it is a permanent gig for the full-time staff. Your products will impact the team as a whole. To be the best intern, always apply yourself.  If you are unsure about a task, rather than doing it incorrectly, ask for clarification. 


5. Don’t Gossip

Engaging in office gossip and politics is dangerous for your career health. What may seem innocent office talk, can actually be hurtful to others. Don’t get caught up even if you are asked for your input and desist from discussing other members of staff.


6. Request Feedback

No one is above mistakes. Even if you feel you are following directions, feedback is a great way to improve in what you’re doing. Request feedback from your managers or direct supervisors. Ask them for insight into your work, where they feel you should improve, and what skills you need to sharpen. You will be mentally communicating with them that you are interested in learning, growing, and contributing to the company.


7. Stay in Touch

When you have completed your internship, you should maintain contact information future references. You may even want to reach out to your managers, supervisors, and coworkers at reasonable intervals to check in and to see how the work you completed assisted the organization.