How to Prepare the Night Before an Interview

Night before interview

That interview is tomorrow morning, and you are freaking out right now – just the night before. Don’t worry, you are not the first one to be in this situation.

However, we don’t want you to fall into the category of those who let this get the best out of them. So, how about some pointers on how to prepare the night before an interview?


Getting Physically Ready

You will want to prepare yourself for the interview, but not in the way you have been doing. You have been going through the books, speeches, answers and all. We agree that all of that can be time-consuming; so time-consuming that you forget some essentials.

Below is a basic checklist of things you should attend to.

  • Pick out the outfit you will be wearing to the interview. If you know what it is in your head, and you have it mentally mapped out in your closet, you should still go ahead and pick it out.
  • Make sure you have printed multiple copies of your resume, certificates and such other important documents.
  • Make a plan for your breakfast. Even if you are not a breakfast person, the morning of your interview is a poor time to keep too such habits
  • Pack your bag with all the essentials you will be needing at the interview. For some inspiration, you can look at this list of things to bring to an interview
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and such foods/ drinks


Getting Mentally Ready

It is not enough that you have gotten yourself physically ready. The night before an interview is the best time to check your mental readiness for anything and everything you could be facing the next day.

To make things easier on you, here are some of the things you should cross off your list

  • Get all necessary details of the company. This includes the company name (you will be surprised at how many people flunk this), their vision, mission, goals, significant projects, defining moments… the whole nine yards. You could want to look at their social media feeds too to get updated news items about them.
  • Research your interviewers beforehand. LinkedIn is always a good place to start.
  • Go over the directions to the company’s location. Double-check to make sure you know where you’ll be going
  • Go over some of the most common questions you could be asked at an interview, and possible answers. We have some resources here and there to help you get through this.
  • Cross-check your resume for possible questions that might arise from it, and prepare to answer them.
  • Prepare the questions you will ask the interviewers when given the chance to

Getting Ready for the Worst

You can do your best to prepare all you want, and the next day, something happens to ruin your plans. That is why you have to prepare for the worst, and do that the night before an interview.

Use this checklist to guide your preparations for anything that can happen

  • Plan alternatives. Alternative traffic routes, clothes to wear, mode of transport to take, etc.
  • Carry extra cash with you.
  • Carry an umbrella
  • Set an alarm. Twice! Use your smartphone and alarm clock. Got more than one smartphone? Go wild!
  • Have extra copies of everything. In fact, you could have all your documents scanned and sent to your mail
  • Learn how to stall for time should you forget anything in the interview.


And there is our checklist plan to get rid of the anxiety of the night before an interview. Got something else that works/ worked for you? Let’s get talking in the comments section, and you might just see your idea pop up on this list too.