Best Tricks For Effective Job Searching During The Pandemic

Best Tricks For Effective Job Searching During The Pandemic

As you know, the US suffered a massive increase in unemployment due to lockdowns. While this shows that more people are out of jobs, it also means that fewer positions are available to be filled in companies.

Things are sure to start looking up once the pandemic is over and economies start opening up. In the meantime, some eased measures mean there is a chance to apply for jobs now. Even if not for that, this remains a nice time to apply for new positions to have something waiting for you when the pandemic is over. 

Whether you are looking to replace a lost position, or make a company/ industry change, these resources should help you effectively job search.

Companies are Hiring

Reading something like the opening lines of this piece can convince you that no company is hiring right now.

Truth be told, things are currently bad in the economies all around the world. However, they are not all bad. Some companies are still hiring, and most of them are taking advantage of the talent drain from other companies to stock up on the best employees they can get their hands on.

If you have been stalling your application process because you think companies are not hiring right now, that could not be more wrong. If anything, this is the time to get out in front of your target employers.

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The pandemic has shifted the focus of many companies from what they felt they used to need into what they truly do need. 

For example, it is now imperative that companies not only hire managers but get those managers who can effectively handle a remote team. More soft skills are being favored over others. If you want to have a shot at a permanent position right now, it is in your best interest to improve on yourself.

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Before now, you should have already had a professional network in the works. Keep nurturing your network while adding more valuable connections to your network base.

For those that did not have a connection before, this is the best time to start building and growing one.

We have some resources on networking with confidence right here on Jump Recruits. Since there is little to no chances of attending gatherings (conferences, shows, talks, etc.) right now, networking digitally would have to do. You can still modify some of the tips in the resource that we have linked to for improved success.

Some of the specific tips we can recommend include:

  • Following the companies that you are interested in on social media
  • Subscribe to their newsletter/ blog
  • Join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your skills
  • Optimize your LinkedIn and other social media profile

Prepare for Virtual Interviews

Let’s say you land a foot in the door to that dream position right now. Do you have what it takes to go all the way?

In-person interviews require quite a deal of preparation if you hope to ace it and do well at all. The fact that you will be having a virtual interview from the comfort of wherever you are could give the erroneous impression that you do not have to do much to get by. That is easily the first step to failing such interviews.

This is the right time to brush up on some virtual interviewing skills. Know everything that there is to know so much that nothing is left to chance. At that point, anything you do not know is probably not worth knowing – or be something that you will be able to improvise on the spot.

Know Your Niche

One of the biggest mistakes that professionals make when seeking new positions is casting a net that’s too wide.

If you are out of a job already, you might see the sense in applying to any and every position that comes your way. This could do you more harm than good, though.

Besides getting burnt out too fast, you are also not focusing your energy on the roles that need you – only the ones you want. Reverse engineering this process to cast a small net on the roles that best fit you alone, though, will make the entire job search process worth it even more.

Update your Resume

Especially if you have been in a job for long, there are chances that you haven’t updated your resume in a while. Take this time to do that.

This resume update should not only deal with adding in the roles and positions that you have taken in the time since you last touched the resume. Also, switch up the template so that your resume is modern-looking. 

Functionality over aesthetics, though. 

Your resume should project your personality and skills in the first few seconds of glancing at it. Otherwise, it needs more work to be done.

Be Empathic

Hiring managers are dealing with a lot right now.

So many people are looking to change their current positions. A lot more are out of a job. That means these hiring managers are currently swamped with more resumes and CVs than they could have bargained for. Let’s not forget that these hiring managers are human too, having to combine the stress of more work with everything that is going on in the world right now.

That is why you have to show some empathy in your application process.

Ask them how they are and how they are faring. Professionally, of course. That shows them how much you care about something/ someone else than just yourself.

Such a subtle gesture goes a long way in setting yourself apart from other candidates.