Seattle, WA

About Us

Shipium helps eCommerce companies offer free and fast shipping, then keep their promise with supply chain technology.

We do this by providing world-class APIs and web-based applications that enable our customers to make use of modern supply chain methods without having to have a large team of developers.

Founded in 2019 by supply chain technology experts from Amazon and Zulily, the company is on a mission to help every eCommerce company provide its customers a great delivery experience while simultaneously reducing their costs to fulfill orders.

Company Values

Our founders believe that the best products are built by teams with a variety of different perspectives. Some of the best developers, product managers, warehouse managers, and executives we have worked with didn't have the "expected" background for their role. We have known self-taught principal engineers whose prior job was packing books in an Amazon warehouse. We have worked with engineers who went on to found clothing companies in Africa. We have known CEOs and CTOs of billion-dollar companies who never graduated and PhDs who shouldn't be hired into the most junior roles.

All of these experiences have taught us that one of the most important things to have in a team is diversity. Different backgrounds bring different ideas and alternate perspectives into a team. We believe that great people who would be great employees are filtered out every day by larger companies who are doing searches for the "right" background. We are excited to discover your talents, meet you where you are and help you discover a great fit with us here at Shipium.

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