5 Tips For a Great Internship

Tips for Internship

Anyone can write a CV, but only someone with quality work experience can write a quality CV. As a college graduate, it can be frustrating that companies already want you to have some work experience. Still, the experience will make you stand out from other applicants. We have detailed ways to find an internship, but first, consider the following:

  •    The relevance of the placement to your field of study
  •    Duration of the internship
  •    Type of training expected and
  •    The possibility of remuneration, among others.


How to Find an Internship


1. Research Your Dream Company

Even if you are an entrepreneur at heart, seek out a company whose ideas you value. It’s possible that they may offer internship programs in a field in which you need experience. Even if you are a college freshman, you may want to consider an internship.  If their website doesn’t advertise any internships, try contacting a hiring manager directly.  State your willingness to learn, and make sure you leave appropriate contact information for when the company wants to reach you.


2. Ask Around Those You Know

A lot of people overlook their primary connections when looking for internships. What they don’t know is that the people they are closely associated with (friends, family, coaches, teachers, etc.) may know someone in the industry they want to intern in. With such a connection established, it should be easier for you to get your slot in that industry.


3. Apply to Job Boards

Job boards are not only important for those seeking full-time, paid employment. Internship slots are also advertised on job boards like Jump Recruits, so you will be doing yourself a great deal of good by looking at them. Even if the internship position is not open, you can also check job vacancies.  Contact the hiring manager; they may still hire you as an intern for the position.


4. Look for Top Internship Websites

There are some websites which serve the sole aim of informing students/ graduates about the possibility of an internship with a firm. They are like job boards, only that they are for interns. We recommend are Intern Match, Idealist, Media Bistro, Indeed, and Experience.


5. Use Your Resources

Odds are, your college has some resources in place to help put students in suitable internship programs. These college career centers are part of what your tuition covers. Take advantage of these free resources.